Perry Ellis

The Reality

Perry Ellis needed an innovative way to showcase the boldness of their Spring 2014 collection and encourage consumer brand interaction. They wanted to use social media for these efforts to not only increase their social media footprint but also reach the younger target audience that they were looking to engage with.

Our Solution

PGR Media initiated a strategic partnership with TH Productions to execute a 360° experiential campaign in two of New York’s most high-traffic locations.

Under our guidance, TH Productions erected large canvases adorned with thousands of buttons in Manhattan’s Union Square and Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.

Button phrases included verbiage that was both geographically relevant and lifestyle-relatable, sayings that spoke to the Perry Ellis target consumer, not at them:

  • “Forgo fashion, stick to style”
  • “L is for Local”
  • “Make a subtle statement”
  • “Kent Ave is for kings”

Once people had the buttons in hand, TH Productions brand ambassadors asked them to keep and upload/share photos of them using the hashtag #VeryPerry.

The Results

Double-digit percentage increases in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers.

A time-lapse video of the installation was distributed throughout Perry Ellis’ social channels, including YouTube where it received hundreds of views and spiked the brand’s social following.

The hashtag #VeryPerry has since been used thousands of times in accordance with all Perry Ellis collections.

Check out Perry Ellis on Twitter / Facebook and @perryellis on instagram